Players who win big at roulette

  • 2023-01-04 15:34
  • 更新: 2023-06-25 21:55
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Players who win big at roulette

Roulette is said to be the most likely winning casino game. After all, it's simply a choice of black or red in most cases. Here are a few players who have become famous at the roulette table because of their roulette winning tips and winning huge sums of money.


1.Norman Leigh

In 1966,Norman won 800,000 francs. The winnings were so huge and staggering that he was banned from all casinos in France. His big wins are actually down to sheer luck, which is the main reason most people win at roulette.



Another famous German, Winkel, known as the "Roulette King", is said to have won 1.5 million Reichsmarks in just a few months at the roulette wheel in Hamburg. Now he is considered one of the most successful players of this century. He seems to be one of the few people who makes a living off roulette winnings.



Although Jarecki and her husband are well known as professional chess players. But they also won big at Monte Carlo and San Remo roulette in the 1970s. Like many pros, they checked their roulette wheels for flaws that could skew their results. They are also among some who have benefited from the imperfect roulette system.


4.Laszlo Kovacs

While professional gamblers use mathematics to calculate where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. But Kovacs went a step further with the electronics he put in his shoes. With one tap, the device calculates how fast the ball was released and gives a good estimate of where the ball is likely to land. So Kovacs won thousands of dollars in Australia. He was charged but not convicted of cheating because he did not break any laws or rules. He was eventually deported back to Hungary.




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