Let's understand the role of basketball professional stockings

Friends who like to play basketball must have heard of elite basketball socks , and the cost is not cheap. What is so magical about these socks?


What are the top basketball socks for?


High-end socks are for wearing and playing, and they also have the effects of shock absorption and sweat absorption. One of the most intuitive differences from ordinary socks is 2 factors - thick! More expensive! Speaking of double density, it's known to protect golfers' delicate toes, allowing you to lose even more while you're playing. uncomfortable.


There is also a position that the appearance of your high-end socks at that time should be special and eye-catching. After putting them to the test, we all know you're now at least a gear binge, or a hoops-enabled device celebration.



What is the difference between basketball socks and ordinary socks?

Why choose professional basketball socks?

What's so special about basketball stockings?