'World Cup predictions' Vegas11 and Shinzo Abe are actually…

  • 2022-07-13 17:19
  • 更新: 2023-06-25 21:22
  • vegas11

'World Cup predictions' Vegas11 and Shinzo Abe are actually…

Many people are very curious, what does World Cup predictions in Vegas11 actually have to do with Shinzo Abe?


Some netizens said: "Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe showing no vital signs after being shot"


For this reason, World Cup predictions in Vegas11 stands for 2022 world cup predictor.


Below, we can get the answer from this 2022 world cup predictions reddit.


Because,Japan's former prime minister Shinzo Abe was on Friday shot at in the city of Nara, the government said. Abe is not conscious and is showing no vital signs, media reports said. Abe was taken to a hospital bleeding as he collapsed after the attack while delivering a speech, local media reported. The former Japanese PM appeared to be in cardio-respiratory arrest.


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