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The ongoing bull market may now be official, but that doesn't mean that there aren't still plenty of bargains to be had among stocks. After the tech stock crash of 2022, many promising names are still down sharply from their 2021 peaks, which spells opportunity as investors brush off concerns about
    Reddit is going public, having filed for an initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Feb. 22. This will be the first major tech IPO of the year and the first social media IPO since Pinterest in 2019, according to CNBC.
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      With spring marking a time of renewal and fresh starts, experts say it’s the perfect season to adopt new frugal habits that can lighten your budget and improve your financial health for the remainder of the year.
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        21世紀經濟報道記者 蔡姝越 上海報道 素有“美國貼吧”之稱的Reddit,正在籌備上市相關事宜。 美東時間2月22日,以社交平臺為主營業務的Reddit向美國證券交易委員會(以下簡...
          One of the few guarantees for investors on Wall Street is short-term unpredictability. Although the stock market has been a genuine wealth-building machine over extended periods, the year-to-year performance of the major stock indexes is no more predictable than a coin flip.
          Since this decade bega