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The New York Stock Exchange is considering going 24/7, the FT reported.
The exchange polled market participants about the merits of round-the-clock trading, per the outlet.
Meanwhile, a Steve Cohen-backed startup is seeking SEC approval for a 24-hour exchange.
In a move that may be appropriate f
    Investing is typically a pillar of long-term wealth creation. It doesn’t have to be difficult to earn a solid return over time, but people often over-complicate investing or make mistakes that shortchange their gains.
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      Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — digital assets that represent a wide range of tangible and intangible items and are recorded on a blockchain — reached peak hype a few years ago.
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          (Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump’s social media company, whose meteoric stock gains made the former president billions on paper before a rapid selloff wiped out more than two-thirds of the advance, took the unusual step of advising investors how to prevent bets against the firm.
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            (Bloomberg) -- The meme-stock crowd wants a piece of the rarefied world of private assets, and — for now — there’s big money to be made on Wall Street for anyone who can give it to them.
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              Trump Media & Technology Group shares plummeted more than 18% Monday after the company took steps to sell millions of additional shares.
              Trump Media, the parent company of social media platform Truth Social, filed to register up to 146.1 million shares for sale, including nearly 115 million owned