DuPont de Nemours

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    Using the 2 Stage Free Cash Flow to Equity, DuPont de Nemours fair value estimate is US$130
    Current share price of US$71.22 suggests DuPont de Nemours is potentially 45% undervalued
     Analyst price target for DD is US$79.00 which is 39% below our fair value estimate
    Today we will run through one 
      Ideally, your overall portfolio should beat the market average. But every investor is virtually certain to have both over-performing and under-performing stocks. So we wouldn't blame long term DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (NYSE:DD) shareholders for doubting their decision to hold, with the stock down 59
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            Given the large stake in the stock by institutions, DuPont de Nemours' stock price might be vulnerable to their trading decisions
            50% of the business is held by the top 23 shareholders
             Insiders have been selling lately 
            A look at the shareholders of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (NYSE:DD) can tell us