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Car dealership stocks fell on Thursday after Amazon announced it is going to sell cars.
Amazon said it would launch online car sales in 2024 in partnership with Hyundai.
Shares of Carvana, Carmax, and Autonation fell as much as 8% following Amazon's announcement.
Car dealerships like Carmax, Aut
    電商巨擘亞馬遜 (AMZN-US) 周四 (16 日) 宣布,明年起首度開放汽車經銷商在亞馬遜美國平台賣車,南韓現代汽車 (Hyundai) 率先加入。消息一出,汽車經銷商、線上二手車和汽車資訊平台商的股價紛紛下挫。消費者目前無法在亞馬遜網站上直接購買各廠牌的汽車,而是要連上汽車經銷商,才能完成交易。不過從明年起,汽車經銷商將能首次在亞馬遜的美國平台上販售汽車,現代汽車將是第一個可在亞馬遜網站上買到的汽車品牌。亞馬遜表示,消費者可先從所在地搜尋可銷售的車款,再到亞馬遜網站選擇付費方式和結帳,然後到經銷商據點取車,或選擇送到家中。亞馬遜跨足汽車銷售的消息一出,線上二手車零售商 Carvana(
      The best way to buy a used car, according to money expert Rachel Cruze, is to pay with cash. However, if you have never paid for a used car using cash you might not fully understand the ins and outs of how this strategy works.
      In an episode of “The Rachel Cruze Show” on pay cash for a used car.
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        “This new digital shopping experience will make it easy for customers to purchase a new car online, and then pick it up or have it delivered by their local dealership at a time that works best for them,” Amazon said in a statement. Once a vehicle is selected in their area, based on a range of prefe