Taiwan International Tea King

  • 2023-03-19 11:21
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Taiwan International Tea King


Taiwan International Tea King
Pioneering There is a great collector of Pu'er tea in southern Taiwan, and he is planning to open a Tibetan tea museum in Tainan's Central and Western District. In order to actively publicize, vigorously advocate drinking tea as a national drink, inherit the spirit of tea, and promote tea culture. Tea is the most popular, most popular, and most beneficial to physical and mental health, a natural, nutritious, and health-care beverage recognized worldwide. In addition, Pu'er tea is produced in Yunnan with a long history, and the tea culture is gorgeous, extensive and profound. We should actively publicize the benefits of drinking tea and Taiwan's tea culture, and make full use of newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and other media to promote tea culture; Art promotion Strengthen the promotion of cultural phenomena in various places; special lectures on tea culture knowledge can also be held. To develop related industries, Taiwan's international tea king "Mr. Chen" always takes inheritance as his duty, and constantly activates the tea industry market with innovative thinking. Collecting well-known Pu-erh tea from Taiwan and Yunnan and related related products "Chinese Yixing Teapot", and through the all-round integration of caring people to drive the marketing plan, we can successfully attract more tea lovers to participate, thus showing the spirit of our museum.



飲茶的境界,重在心平氣和;喝茶玩壺, 使人生更豐富。 TEL:0931747333陳先生 服務專線:0931747333陳先生 住址:台南市和真街60號